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Elevate Remote Wellbeing series – 03/ Encourage Balance

How can we create a balanced, healthy and sustainable approach to remote team working?

To find balance when working remotely, we need to be deliberate – to plan when we’ll do chores, parent, play, rest, and work.

Be mindful and deliberate in striking a balance between work, rest and play and enable others to do the same. Acknowledge that everyone’s situation is unique and encourage flexible and creative ways to collaborate.

How might you?

  • Be deliberate and intentional in how you plan your time?
  • Arrange your work area with everything you need?
  • Set clear expectations about at work and turnaround times?
  • Use online notifications to support how you want to work?
  • Talk about and model taking time away from work?

When it comes to wellbeing, little things can make a big difference.

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