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Sketch Speak is a visual storytelling system that helps clarify a vision, align a team or build momentum around a change.

Sketch Speak allows our clients to cut through complexity delivering a rich picture or animation that can be easily conveyed to internal and external stakeholders.

Sketch Speak helps people get from A to B quicker. We use visuals to drive deeper understanding of the things that matter most to our clients. We believe that pictures play a vital role in business communication and no more so than in situations related to people, performance and change.

Here are just a few of the ways Sketch Speak solutions can help your organisation.

Share a story – Clarify the message and start the dialogue
Spark a change – Align action and build momentum
Sell an idea – Grab attention and stimulate thinking
Solve a problem – Promote collaboration and shape solutions

The great thing about our approach is that we can deliver solutions for you, virtually. Have people working in a variety of locations that need to come together to agree on a strategy, a message or the way forward? Our team can design and deliver a session to get the alignment, clarity and outputs you need to make real progress and change.

Case studies include SBS, GSK, Fitness First, Kimberly Clark and Gallagher. Some recent client projects are detailed here.


Our story on a page

Soji is a Japanese concept that means a short period of mindful practice. We believe change starts here.With our Sketch Speak partner, Guy Downes, we created a Soji Rich Picture, Soji Botanic. This image brings to life the work we do, how we partner with our clients and what is most important to us.

The three gardens signify the areas we predominantly work in, developing leaders (Japanese Garden), aligning strategy (Rose Garden) and shaping culture (Rain forest).

We think the botanic garden is a great metaphor for learning and change. A garden full of growth, opportunity and complexity. We see that every situation is unique, just like the various plants and habitats in the three distinct zones in the image – Japanese Garden, Rose Garden and Rain forest.

Everything in this visual represents some aspect of our story. Each element has a special meaning to us, to see an interactive version go here.

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