learning & change


Our work develops leaders, aligns strategy and shapes culture. These areas are typically where we create most value for our clients.


Develop leaders

Flexible leadership development experiences – hand made.

Leadership is the compass that keeps performance on track. Based on your needs we design and deploy, multi-format learning pathways for leaders at all levels. Our programs deepen self awareness, improve strategically important skills and improve individual and team impact.


Align strategy

Powerful strategy maps, story tools and team engagement activities.

Strategy is the map of how the organisation is going to succeed. Making sure everyone is on the same page vital for execution. We use our Sketch Speak visual story processes with teams to simplify, align and amplify strategic priorities.


Shape culture

Integrated cultural development initiatives built on analysis.

Culture is all about the messages we send and receive about what is expected around here. It’s the campfire stories that set the tone and create the essence of your organisation.

Using various cultural diagnostics, we map the current organisational culture and a desired future state. Then we build initiatives to raise awareness, encourage accountability and ultimately drive action towards your target culture.


Our client’s situations are usually pretty unique and complex. In our experience the best learning and ideas come from experimentation and rapid iteration. This suits us as we’re incredibly curious and always up for a challenge.


First we get to know your situation and the players involved through a series of interviews and focus groups. Importantly we’ll also incorporate any existing organisational research.

The discover phase is vital in our work as it enables us to put your people’s needs at the heart of our designs.


We’ll build a prototype design for you to check out. This sets out the framework of the initiative and how we’ll engage the various stakeholders.

Sharing this prototype early and asking for feedback is a great way to get everyone involved and start to create a buzz around the work. For us working in an open dialogue with our clients not only seems to produce the best results, but it also can be great fun!


We’ll run a pilot and gather feedback around an agreed set of metrics. Establishing the true value of investment is crucial and we’ll work in partnership with you to get this right.

Based on what we learn from the pilot we’ll adapt and begin another cycle of iterative design to build on the process.