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Music as Metaphor

What can we learn about personal growth, creative collaboration and outstanding performance from the world of music?

Music can capture our attention, inspire us and take us to another world.

From Mozart to Miles Davis the music world is full of talented, interesting and inspirational stories.

At Soji we have been working with some incredibly talented classical and jazz musicians to understand their unique perspectives on personal growth, creative collaboration and performance excellence.

As a result of the work we’ve done learning from the world of music we are able to bring Soji’s Music as Metaphor experience to help you capture your learners’ attention, make connections and drive personal change. Bespoke solutions with impact to solve your biggest challenges.

Novel Experience – Step into the world of music and be inspired by archetypes, anecdotes and analogies.

Credible Content – Explore a framework of behavioural practices grounded in the research.

Practical Toolkit – Take away a series of workplace activities to help you translate the ideas into practical action.

Praise from Participants

“One of a kind virtual session. Content was relevant and valuable. Facilitators were excellent.”

“I was able to relate to this easily. It was very different to other training I’ve had, layered meanings and fun discussion.”

“I think it was a great conversation. Some great stories and other metaphors were shared, more like a guided conversation.”



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