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Elevate Remote Wellbeing series – 05/ Maintain Health 

How can we create a balanced, healthy and sustainable approach to remote team working?

Working at home, our worlds can easily become smaller. Our minds forever flooded with work tasks. Our bodies static. We can lose our get-up-and-go beneath a deluge of deadlines – risking our health, and our performance.

Be a role model for vitality. Look after your health and energy while creating a team culture that supports healthy living.

How might you?

  • Nurture your own health and role model energy and vitality?
  • Try mini breaks, rest your eyes and check your position?
  • Get plenty of fluid and the right nutrients in your diet?
  • Stand walk and stretch – build in some activity to your day?
  • Breathe and practice mindfulness rather than mind’full’ness?

When it comes to wellbeing, little things can make a big difference.

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