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Coaching is an important part of what we do at Soji. We have been busy over the last six months, as clients have sought both shorter term and longer-term coaching for leaders during 2020.

The Soji style of Coaching is a strengths-based approach that incorporates brain based coaching methodology and mindfulness techniques. The process we take allows individuals to increase their awareness and encourages them to take action.

Coaching supports individual growth and transformation in a tangible way as each session focuses on specific goals or challenges.

Here are some of the contexts Soji coaching can work well in:

  • Leading through complex and challenging times
  • High potential talent looking to stretch their performance
  • Leaders working in new roles or with new teams
  • Burnt out talent looking to rejuvenate their engagement
  • Individuals dealing with conflict or unproductive dynamics
  • Leaders driving strategic planning or change processes
  • Individuals looking to integrate challenging feedback

Soji coaches bring a future focus, potential orientation, systems perspective and positivity bias to the conversation. Tangible, specific and measurable goals are set up at the beginning of the engagement. We include the coachee’s personal goals for the experience and also organisations goals (by linking in the internal sponsor or coachee’s manager).

We often kick off a coaching engagement with the coachee sourcing objective feedback using tools like The Leadership Circle or Human Synergistics Life Styles Inventory.

Client testimonials:
‘’Working with Jarrod as a coach is a great opportunity to sharpen your leadership capability. Jarrod brings just the right mix of safe space, leadership depth and accountability to support you to reach your goals.’’

‘’Having recently been promoted to a leadership role I was offered the opportunity to undertake coaching. It was my first experience of this kind with 7 sessions altogether. The first thing that struck me is how open I needed to be in order to derive the benefits to unlocking my full potential. The beauty of coaching is that it’s personalised and tailored for me. This has made a lasting impression on me and I am grateful to Emma and Jarrod for supporting my learning and making my coaching experience such a valuable one. I highly recommend Emma and Jarrod if you are interested in getting coaching.’’

How did your coach support you in moving towards your priorities? ‘’Extremely well.  Jarrod was able to ‘challenge’ me through questioning to identify the ‘real’ issues and work through techniques on how not to let the emotional side take hold of frustrating issues.’’

If you or someone you know could benefit from coaching or you are looking to upskill internal coaches or leaders as coaches, please do reach out, we’d love to support.

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