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5 things to consider to make learning work

Over the years we’ve experimented with a stack of interesting learning formats and experiences all aimed at finding that prized combination of curious engagement and meaningful adaptation with our learners. We’ve had plenty of successes and our fair share of near misses as well.

So what have we learned about creating fun and engaging experiences that actually help people learn and change their behaviour? Here is are 5 things we look to incorporate into our learning design where ever possible.

What got us hereWork out the Real Need for Change – When individuals create their own compelling reason for change, learning flows much easier.

Often when an organisation is looking to create a shift in performance, the individual’s needs can become diluted. Being able to set up the circumstances for learners to create a meaningful reason for them to engage is vital. It is important to take the time to explore the personal why behind the desired change.  How do you uncover the urgency associated with the shift you desire?

Create a Compelling Narrative – Story is a powerful way to grab attention and spark curiosity.

We’ve found that we can create high levels of focused attention by using compelling story arcs as a basis for learning. On a micro level stories can illuminate concepts by humanising them. If we zoom out and craft learning experiences with an overarching narrative flow, we can create an intense sense of anticipation. When it works learners will lean in to see how things turn out.

We often work with corporate actors and visual artists to bring our storylines alive, how do you use narrative to spark change in your organisation?

Share Interesting Ideas – Striking ideas shape lasting change.

Even with the most compelling learning formats the content you cover needs to be grounded in novel thinking. Whether they are inspiring or confronting, your ideas need to translate into some practical application if they are going to capture your learner’s imagination.

Where do your most striking change ideas come from?

Spark Social Interaction – Creating a safe space to connect promotes deeper change.

They say two heads are better than one and that can certainly be the case in some learning settings. Environments that allow learners to connect, share experiences and challenge assumptions can be a powerful catalyst for change. If you can create and hold a safe space that is flexible enough to encourage reflective individuals to share their thoughts without shutting down the more extraverted, you are on the right track.

How do you create space for your people to connect around learning and change?

Allow for Mindful Practice – For change to stick, we each need an opportunity to focus our attention and practice new skills.

Learning experiences that strike the right balance between challenge and support can create a sense of flow for us as learners. In this state we can become acutely attuned to our surroundings and aware of the impact we have. This is a vital component in creating the confidence and capability.

How do you encourage individuals to invest in building their capability?

Well there you have it, 5 simple ideas that are well worth considering when looking to spark personal and organisational change.

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