Elevate Remote Wellbeing series – 05/ Maintain Health
Be a role model for vitality. Look after your health and energy while creating a team culture that supports healthy living.
Elevate Remote Wellbeing series – 04/ Celebrate Success
Working remotely, there are less opportunities for unplanned conversations. Those “little moments” where we recognise people’s contributions, organically.
Elevate Remote Wellbeing series – 03/ Encourage Balance
To find balance when working remotely, we need to be deliberate – to plan when we’ll do chores, parent, play, rest, and work.
Elevate Remote Wellbeing series – 02/ Foster Inclusion
Our work benefits when we connect people with diverse backgrounds and views.
Elevate Remote Wellbeing series – 01/ Focus Attention
We need to know where we’re going and why.
Elevate Remote Wellbeing series – Intro
How can we create a balanced, healthy and sustainable approach to remote team working?
Virtual Working Series – 07/ Improve Meetings
Staying connected, while working virtually is so important. Remote meetings give us a chance to improve our efficiency and get stuff done, while also strengthening our relationship with others.
Virtual Working Series – 06/ Keep Commitments
When working remotely it is important be consistent and follow through on promises. Make it clear that others can trust that you will deliver.
Virtual Working Series – 05/ Elevate Wellbeing
Are you staring at a screen, flicking between half completed work tasks and a minute by minute avalanche of anxiety provoking news?
Virtual Working Series – 04/ Embed Tools
Suddenly, it seems that we all need to be technical experts just to do our job.