How to create more value from your personal development investment
Whether you are working through a formal program or using more flexible self-paced approaches, it is easy to sink a lot of time and energy into learning. So here are five things you could be doing to make sure you get good value out of your personal development choices.
Elevate Remote Wellbeing series – 05/ Maintain Health
Be a role model for vitality. Look after your health and energy while creating a team culture that supports healthy living.
Elevate Remote Wellbeing series – 04/ Celebrate Success
Working remotely, there are less opportunities for unplanned conversations. Those “little moments” where we recognise people’s contributions, organically.
Elevate Remote Wellbeing series – 03/ Encourage Balance
To find balance when working remotely, we need to be deliberate – to plan when we’ll do chores, parent, play, rest, and work.
Elevate Remote Wellbeing series – 02/ Foster Inclusion
Our work benefits when we connect people with diverse backgrounds and views.
Elevate Remote Wellbeing series – 01/ Focus Attention
We need to know where we’re going and why.
Elevate Remote Wellbeing series – Intro
How can we create a balanced, healthy and sustainable approach to remote team working?
Virtual Working Series – 07/ Improve Meetings
Staying connected, while working virtually is so important. Remote meetings give us a chance to improve our efficiency and get stuff done, while also strengthening our relationship with others.
Virtual Working Series – 06/ Keep Commitments
When working remotely it is important be consistent and follow through on promises. Make it clear that others can trust that you will deliver.
Virtual Working Series – 05/ Elevate Wellbeing
Are you staring at a screen, flicking between half completed work tasks and a minute by minute avalanche of anxiety provoking news?