learning & change

How would it feel if your first important conversation of 2018 went really well?


At Soji, we believe that relationships are built one conversation at a time. We’ve seen how mindful and deliberate communication can lead to amazing outcomes.

We want to help leaders have better conversations.

To help bring more courage, compassion and empathy into your conversations, we’ve designed a free mini conversations toolkit as a New Years gift for you. It focuses attention and helps you to prepare for tough or important conversations.

Conversations Toolkit

Explore the practices, watch a Quick Sketch Clip and learn how to use your free conversation planning worksheet here.

We challenge you to have a conversation you’ve been avoiding and let us know how it goes.

Soji Learning and Change
Our name comes from a Japanese concept meaning a short period of mindful practice. We believe that organisational change starts with the individual and takes dedication, mindfulness and commitment.

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