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What we practice we get better at
Many of us are redesigning our work practices at the moment and routines can be the key to unlock potential and performance. What routines can you embed into your work or team? We hope that the below thought starters can support a discussion for you with your team.
Strong Virtual Team Leadership
Here’s the top level of our Virtual Leadership framework. We use it to organise our content and learning design. It is proving a good prompt for us and our clients.
Soji’s Virtual Offering
We are adapting to make sure we're in great shape to support when you are ready to reconnect. Over the next few weeks, we'll be focussing our full attention to building on our capability and service offering in some very specific ways.
Tips for Running Virtual Meetings
At Soji we have run webinars and virtual learning events for the last ten years, I thought it might be useful if I could share some tips for anyone new to this format.
Happy New Year Conversation Toolkit
At Soji, we believe that relationships are built one conversation at a time. We’ve seen how mindful and deliberate communication can lead to amazing outcomes. We want to help leaders have better conversations. To help bring more courage, compassion and empathy into your conversations, we've designed a free mini conversations toolkit as a New Years gift for you. It focuses attention and helps you to prepare for tough or important conversations.